Frequent question: Can you cook rice in a Jetboil?

Add the balance of the ingredients, except the rice and nuts, into your Jetboil and bring to a boil. Just as the mix comes to a boil, lower the heat to a simmer (as low as will keep a flame). Add the rice and cover. Stir occasionally, cooking gently for 15 minutes.

Can you cook food in the Jetboil?

While Jetboil does make stoves that you can simmer with (see below), you can still cook some basic meals with a Jetboil Flash or a Jetboil Zip using the methods we describe below. … For example, if you’re cooking noodles, the noodles will float to the top of the pot, while the water below continues to boil.

What can I do with a Jetboil?

With the Jetboil Flash you can do a ton of different, incredibly delicious and lightning fast make-ahead boil-in-a-bag meals, like: Lemon Spinach Chicken and Rice, or Spicy Veggie Fusilli, or Tangerine Beef and Brocolli, or almost anything you can think of that you can put in a bag.

Can you make pasta in a Jetboil?

In your Jetboil vessel, bring salted water to boil. Add pasta and cook to al dente, and drain. Turn heat down to low simmer. Add butter to pasta in Jetboil vessel and melt in, tossing to coat.

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Can you eat out of a Jetboil?

While Jetboil does make stoves that you can simmer with (see below), you can still cook some basic meals with a Jetboil Flash or a Jetboil Zip using the methods we describe below.

Can You Cook Food in a Jetboil?

Make / Model Jetboil MicroMo
Fuel Type Canister Gas
Volume (L) 0.8
Igniter Yes
Regulator Yes

Can you use a frying pan on a Jetboil?

Short Description: Safely use your cookware on a stove with the Jetboil Pot Support. The support attaches to most Jetboil burners to accommodate Jetboil’s skillet, 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans.


Color Silver
UPC 0858941006410

How do you cook ramen in jetboil?


  1. Unpack and assemble MightyMo burner and Ceramic 1.5L Cook Pot Bring water to a boil.
  2. Add mushrooms, dried veggies, beef jerky and bouillon cube.
  3. Cover with lid and cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Add ramen noodles and cook until tender.
  5. Stir well and enjoy.

What to cook on a hiking stove?

11 easy camping stove meals

  1. One pan big breakfast – serves 4 – 5.
  2. Eggs in Jail.
  3. One pot veggie wonder – serves 2 – 3.
  4. Chunky sausage and tomato feast – serves 4 – 5.
  5. Sweet potato stew – serves 2 – 3.
  6. Corned beef hash – serves 3 – 4.
  7. Chicken noodle camping extravaganza – serves 2 – 3.
  8. Chocolate cake filled oranges.

Which jetboil is the best?

These are the best Jetboil stove models on the market.

  • Jetboil Genesis—Best for Basecamp.
  • Jetboil Flash—Best for On the Go.
  • Jetboil MiniMo—Best for Two Backpackers.
  • Jetboil Zip—Best Budget Option.
  • Jetboil MightyMo—Best for Ultralight Packs.
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Can you make mac and cheese in a Jetboil?

Jetboil Mac & Cheese

Here’s a quick, light and easy way to enjoy your macaroni & cheese. … Put your Jetboil lid on and drain some of the water (no all as you need some to make the sauce) Add cheese packets and stir. Mmmmmmm!

Can you cook in jetboil MiniMo?

Excellent. The Jetboil MiniMo backpacking stove is a canister-based camping stove system that can simmer, so you can actually cook ingredients on a smaller flame, in addition to a full-on boil like Jetboil’s other personal or group stoves systems.

How do you clean a jetboil cozy?

Your best bet is to boil a 75/25 solution of water and white vinegar in your vessel for a few minutes. Use a non-metallic scrub pad to work off any residue. A paste of baking soda and water works well, too. It’s best not to put it in the dishwasher, as the FluxRing could get damaged.

What is the difference between jetboil zip and flash?

The Jetboil Flash is capable of carrying 0.2 more liters than the Zip but weighs 3.5 ounces more. This extra fill capacity makes the Flash a better choice for larger camping parties (3+).