Can you boil water in our place pan?

Can I boil water in our place pan?

You can use it a few different ways! First, add a little water to the Always Pan, and bring it to a simmer. Then add the steamer on top (if the water comes through the holes, pour a little out), and put whatever you’re steaming into the basket. Place the lid on and ta-da!

Can I boil pasta in my Always Pan?

The Our Place Always Pan makes it so easy to strain off excess liquid or cook noodles with the steamer basket. You just insert the beechwood spatula under the handles and lift. … Serve on one of Our Place’s hand-painted, porcelain plates or in their stackable bowls & enjoy!

Why is my Our Place pan sticking?

Why do nonstick pans start sticking in the first place? For the most part, coated pots and pans are easy to keep clean, but they do get stains and scratches, and over time, grease and other tiny food particles may build up in these areas, making them sticky.

Can our place pans go in the oven?

Simply put, we reimagined what a pot can be, and it turns out, a pot can be perfect. Cooking temperature: Our heavy gauge cast aluminum conducts and holds heat better than traditional stainless steel cookware, so we recommend low to medium heat when cooking. Oven safe up to 425° — no broilers, please!

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