How much does it cost to bake a pie?

How much should I charge for a homemade pie?

You could charge $12–14 on a homemade apple pie and still make a good profit. In some places, $18 would be appropriate. Gauge the area that you are in, the cost of ingredients, and the cost of your time as you price.

What is the average cost to make a pie?

If you imagine at least a few hours to make one pie – though you can easily make several pies at once – and expect someone would want to make $10 to $15 per hour, then you’re looking at a cost of around $20-$25 to compensate for labor and ingredients.

Is it cheaper to make or buy a pie?

1. It’s cheaper. Flour and butter, sugar and spices, nuts and fruits — pie costs can add up quickly. For a comparable price (or cheaper), you can find a high-quality pie that’s as tasty as anything you’d bake in your kitchen.

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How much does a pie cost in the UK?

The cheapest pie was sold by Liverpool for 2.9 British pounds. Tickets are another source of matchday revenue.

Teams of the Premier League ranked by the price of a pie in 2019/20 (in GBP)

Characteristic Price of pie in GBP
Manchester United 3.8
Arsenal 3.7
Wolves 3.6

How many slices are in a pie?

How Many Slices in a Pie? If you’re slicing a pie in a conventional 9-inch pie pan, you should aim to cut between 6-8 slices. When you make your first cut with the serrated knife, slice the entire pie in half.

How much do apple pies cost at Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Sundae (Hot Fudge or Caramel) $1.29
Apple Pie $0.99
Cone (Vanilla) $1.00
McFlurry Snack $1.79

How much does it cost to make homemade pie crust?

The Question of Cost

You’re likely to save when you opt for homemade, but either option is inexpensive. The flour, butter, salt, and water needed to bring together a homemade crust add up to about $1 to $2 per serving, compared to $2 to $3 for a package of store-bought crust.

How much should I charge for a dozen cookies?

In short, you should plan to charge between $2 and $6.50 per cookie, or between $8 and $15 per dozen if you choose to sell your cookies in bulk. When setting your pricing, you should consider the cost of both the ingredients and baking equipment, as well as your time, and complexity of the cookie.

How much does it cost to make pumpkin pie?

The cost of the raw ingredients work out to $5.09 in total. This would be even cheaper if you made the pie crust from scratch as well. So it is cheaper (naturally) to make a pie yourself when it’s being sold for regular price ($6.99). However, if it goes on sale for $3.99 that price is hard to beat.

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Why are cakes so expensive?

Depending on how special and elaborate clients want cake details to be, it can increase the cost because it is labor intensive and it may require new tools necessary to create intricate designs. Clean edges, perfect lines, realistic flowers, figurines, and color matching require artistic skill and time.

Is baking cheaper than buying?

Although there are plenty of reasons to bake your own bread, (nothing beats warm bread out of the oven!), this was significantly more expensive to make at home than it was to buy. … If you add up strictly the cost of the ingredients for a no-frills, boring sandwich bread recipe, it’s about $.

Is it cheaper to bake from scratch?

Yes, it’s almost always much cheaper, and you can use better ingredients without preservatives. Usually it is, although there are exceptions. It is, often times, cheaper to bake stuff yourself because companies and bakeries have to charge more to make a profit.

How much is a pie at the footy?

Four’N Twenty Pies will be available at food and beverage outlets around all levels of the stadium and will be just $2.

How much is food in the UK?


Grocery item Average price (GBP) Average price range (GBP)
White rice (1kg) 0.98 0.45 – 2
Cheese (1kg) 5.61 2.50 – 13
Chicken fillets (1kg) 5.72 3 – 9
Beef (1kg) 7.54 4 – 12.35