Can you bake with Lurpak spreadable lighter?

Perfect for all your food adventures, be it baking, spreading, drizzling, mixing, frying… we have a range of butter & spreadables to meet your needs.

Can you use Lurpak spreadable butter for baking?

Water and air have been added to these products, and they contain at least 20 less fat than regular butter or margarine. We do not recommend them for baking.

Can I bake with spreadable butter?

Can you use soft spread for baking? Margarine is an unsaturated butter substitute made with at least 80 percent fat by weight and flavoring from dairy products. Soft spread margarine in tubs is not recommended for baking because it has more water and less fat. …

Can you use Lurpak softest for baking?

Blended Spread 75% (45% milk fat & 30% rapeseed oil) Lurpak® Softest is our softest spreadable. To make Lurpak® Softest, we blend Lurpak® butter, buttermilk retained from churning, & rapeseed oil.


Typical values per 100g
Protein 0.7g
Salt 0.95g

Is Lurpak lighter butter?

Lurpak Spreadable contains 64% butter, compared with 40% in the lighter version, and although it’s higher in fat (79g per 100g) it contains the same amount of salt (0.9g per 100g).

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Can I use spreadable butter instead of butter?

Other tub butters marked as “spreadable” are a 50/50 blend of regular butter and plant oils – usually canola – and result in dense, greasy cookies. Oil cannot be substituted in cookie recipes calling for butter, because oil is 100 percent fat, whereas butter also has protein and milk solids.

Can I use spreadable butter for brownies?

Avoid using baking “spreads”, margarine or any kind of spreadable butter – they contain water and oils which will affect the outcome of the recipe. Block butter all the way!

Can you use spreadable butter for butter cream?

So how do you get your buttercream to the right consistency? It’s important to ensure that your butter is soft in the first place – just spreadable (like you would use for that successful sandwich). The best idea is to leave it out of the fridge for a little while to soften.

Can you use spreadable butter for biscuits?

Although unsalted butter is the preferred choice for bakers, spreadable butters like Western Star Soft and Spreadable Soft n Less Salt can be used straight from the fridge. For creaming butter and sugar for biscuit and cake doughs it should be used chilled.

Why is Lurpak butter better?

LURPAK® Quality

The most valuable and tasty part of the milk – the cream – is carefully “ripened” before being used for the butter making process. Lactic cultures are then added, giving a fresh and slightly aromatic note with the unmistakable creaminess that creates the characteristic Lurpak® flavour.

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How much butter is spreadable in Lurpak?

Blended Spread 78% (52% milk fat & 26% rapeseed oil). Genuine excellence and mouthwatering flavour don’t just come out of nowhere, and Lurpak® has had an uncompromising approach to making real, quality butter since 1901.

Has Lurpak butter changed 2020?

The only recent change we’ve made is to remove some of the additional colourings (beta carotene) previously added to give the butter a yellow-ish colour. This is to keep the ingredients as natural as possible and is the reason it may seem paler than before. This will not have made any difference to the taste.