Which instrument should be used to measure the boiling point of a liquid and why 2 points?

A laboratory thermometer should be used to measure the boiling point of a liquid because it has a greater range. Explanation: A laboratory thermometer is defined as a tool utilized in laboratories, places where scientists and science techs perform experiments and measure things.

Which instrument should be used to measure the boiling point?

The instrument used to measure boiling point is Thermometer.

Which set of laboratory equipment can be used in measuring the boiling point of a liquid?

If only small amounts of liquid material are available for boiling point determination, then a micro boiling point apparatus based on a Theile tube can be used. The Thiele tube is a glass tube designed to contain heating oil and a thermometer to which a micro test tube containing the boiling point sample is attached.

How do you measure the boiling point of a liquid?

A liquid’s boiling point can be determined using the capillary method, where an inverted capillary is placed in the liquid of interest and the liquid is heated. As the temperature increases, the air in the capillary escapes and is replaced by the vapor of the liquid.

Which thermometer is used for measuring boiling water?

Answer: the thermometer used to measure the temperature of boiling water is celsius thermometer.

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Which instrument do we use to measure the melting and boiling point?

A melting-point apparatus is a scientific instrument used to determine the melting point of a substance. Some types of melting-point apparatuses include the Thiele tube, Fisher-Johns apparatus, Gallenkamp (Electronic) melting-point apparatus and automatic melting-point apparatus.

How do you measure boiling point accurately?

mini scale

  1. put a boiling stone in the mini test tube.
  2. add about 1/2 inch of liquid.
  3. clamp in stand in the fume hood.
  4. insert thermometer into test tube with bottom of mercury bulb about 1/2 – 1 inch above the liquid.
  5. carefully heat with mini bunsen burner till temperature remains constant.
  6. read temperature.